For Sale By Owner North Idaho Real Estate

Common FSBO Mistakes

Pricing a Home Too High

The most common mistake made by FSBO sellers is pricing a home too high. It is crucial that you spend an adequate amount of time and effort researching both recently sold homes in your area and homes currently on the market which are comparable to your home, while leaving any emotional attachment to your home aside. If your home is on the market for 30-45 days while generating little to no interest there is likely an issue with your asking price based on the current market. View our Pricing Your FSBO Home article for more information.

Failing to Prepare a Home For Sale

Cleaning, de-cluttering and making small repairs or improvements greatly increases your home’s appeal to potential Buyers and communicates that your home is well cared for and a good investment. Conversely, a dirty and cluttered home needing numerous repairs communicates the exact opposite to potential Buyers. View our Preparing Your Home For Sale article for more information.

Creating Poor Online Property Ads

90% of home buyers begin their property search online. The ads you created for your property have an enormous impact on whether or not a potential buyer takes the next step and contacts you to see the home in person. Ads with insufficient property details, few or poor property photos or incomplete property descriptions can fail to capture the attention of a potential buyer. Conversely, ads with detailed descriptions, high quality photos and an effective write-up  highlighting the best features of a property generate better response rates.

Lackluster Property Photos

The quality of property photos you use plays an enormous role in generating a response for your FSBO listing. Think of your property photos as a tool used to generate enough interest in your property so that a potential buyer will want to see your home in person. Poorly lit or unclear photos can turn away potential Buyers before they see your home in person. If your property photos are not of good quality and do not adequately highlight the best features of your home the number of calls or showings you receive may suffer.

Not Using a Yard Yign

Many properties are sold when a buyer drives through a neighborhood and sees a For Sale yard sign. If you do not use a yard sign you may have a potential buyer drive by your home and never know your property is for sale.