For Sale By Owner North Idaho Real Estate

How to "FSBO"

1.) Prepare your Home for Sale

Adequately preparing your home for sale can have a significant impact on the success of your FSBO campaign. Visit our Preparing Your Home For Sale page for more detailed information. We place great emphasis on taking photos (both ground and aerial) which show your property well and set you apart from competing properties.

2.) Market your home.

Get it out there for everyone to see!

3.) Show your home and hold open houses.

As a FSBO Seller your savings are realized by managing your own For Sale by Owner campaing, speaking directly with potential Buyers and interested parties, and showing or making arrangements to show your property. Every person you show your home to is a potential Buyer. Be friendly and informative while showing your home. Talk about the great features of your home but be prepared to field questions on aspects of your home which may need work or attention. No one knows your home better than you – be excited about showing your home and SELL IT! Read our Showing Your Home page for more detailed information on showings and open houses.

4.) Work with a Title Company or Attorney to facilitate your transaction.

“We have an offer – now what do we do!?” – While this is an exciting moment for FSBO Sellers, it can also be a step into unfamiliar territory. Once you have agreed on a sale price, sit down with your Buyer and make a list of terms for the sale (sale price, closing time frame, repairs to be completed, contingencies, appliances included, earnest money to be deposited, etc). You can take your list of terms to a Title Company or Real Estate Attorney, either of which can facilitate your transaction (Open Escrow, Arrange Title Insurance, schedule necessary inspections, manage paperwork and Closing) and will guide you along in the process.

5.) Work towards Closing.

In the days leading up to closing you will likely have to accommodate your Buyer’s Property Inspectors and you may have to have your property professionally appraised (For a Buyer to obtain financing on your property it will have to be professionally appraised). If you have agreed to complete any specific repairs outlined in your Purchase and Sale Agreement make sure to complete those repairs. If you encounter any holdups or issues are uncovered by a Buyer’s Property Inspector, your Title Company or Attorney will work with both parties to resolve the issue.

6.) Close on your home.

Attend your Closing, sign all necessary documents and turn over the keys to the Buyer!


* All steps listed on this page are for general information only and are not meant to be a transaction-specific guide to complete your FSBO home sale. All home sales may have unique or additional steps not outlined above. Your Title Company or Real Estate Attorney can guide you on the necessary and specific steps for your transaction.