For Sale By Owner North Idaho Real Estate

Showing Your Home

As a FSBO Seller you must to be prepared to show your home both at scheduled appointments and on short notice. Maintaining your home in as close to “show-ready” condition is ideal but often not realistic, especially if you have children or pets. Listed below are some suggestions for showing your home which will save you both time and headache:

Prepare your home for Showings

For details and information on preparing your home for sale, visit our Prepare Your Home For Sale page.

Prepare for potential short-notice showings each morning

Assuming you heavily cleaned and de-cluttered your home before putting it on the market, you can take small steps each morning to be prepared for a call to show your home when it comes. Make sure the beds are made each morning and the kitchen counters and bathroom sinks are clear and wiped down. Store personal items and toiletries neatly away after use. Sweep and vacuum on regular weekly schedule especially if you have pets or children. Do your best to maintain a clean kitchen and bathroom, as both areas will be of high interest to a potential buyer. A lightly scented air freshener or candle is a good idea as you don’t want your home to smell like a dog or a dirty teenager’s shoes, yet you also don’t want to overwhelm a potential buyer with a scent they may find off-putting.

Private Showings

If possible, hold private showings during daylight hours. While showing your home, highlight and focus on the best features of your home yet be prepared to discuss any area of your home which are less than stellar. During the showing bring up any improvements you have made to the property. A buyer will likely focus heavily on your kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms so do your best to make sure these areas are as clean as possible. Be kind, courteous, smile often and answer any questions the Buyer may have. Do your best to make the potential Buyer feel welcome and comfortable when they arrive at your property. Be up front and open with a potential buyer about the condition of your home as any issues will likely be uncovered during a property inspection and you do not want any negative surprises to pop up, causing a Buyer to back out of the transaction at a later date.

Always have at least one other person (friend or family member) present during a private showing. Consider requiring anyone who requests a private showing of your home to provide you with a mortgage Pre-Approval letter displaying that they have been approved for financing up to a specific dollar amount. Also, you may consider making a request to see their Driver’s License before showing your home. Stay with the potential Buyer throughout the showing.

Open Houses

Holding Open Houses is a great way bring potential Buyers in to look at your home. If you decide to hold open houses make sure you have at least one other person (friend or family member) at the home with you during the Open House. Require anyone attending your open house to sign in and provide an ID. Work together with your friend or family member and walk attendees through your home 1 at a time, talking up the best features of your home while at the same time being prepared to answer questions or discuss areas of your home which may need attention. Be friendly and courteous and do your best to make anyone visiting your home feel welcome. Finally, make sure your personal belongings are securely stored away before the open house and do not allow people to wander through your home alone.